Direct Mail

What channel are you marketing in?

Direct marketing includes essential tools for communicating with your target audience. When done well, it helps retain customers, keep members informed, increase sales and raise brand visibility. In today's fast-paced, multi-channel marketing environment, you need to consider a smart mix of mediums for your best response.

We can help you deliver your next campaign successfully by...

Connecting the dots - mix your media channels for the best measurable results and maximum return. In today's multi-channel environment, you've got to reach your prospects; connect with you and share your message.

Getting creative - you've only got 3-5 seconds to grab someone's attention, so we make the most of it by maximizing your message. Clear, compelling content with a strong call to action is essential!

Delivering wisely - regardless of what channel you use, start with a good list. Using a clean list for direct mail will result in less postage costs and a better ROI. A list of solid, interested prospects will guarantee your emails get opened, read, and shared, resulting in fewer opt-outs. We then consider the method - or methods - most appropriate for your project... bulk mailing, Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM), and/or email.

Measuring and repeating - gain insight as to what your audience finds compelling and useful. We help you measure results to tweak your message, then reach out to your audience again. We know that keeping in front of your prospects with regularity is the only way to get great results.

Contact us, we'll help you get your next campaign delivered successfully!